Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The life of Tiki the Java Macaque

What is a dominance hierarchy ? When a system of rank is established in a social group. It is when one of the individuals have higher authority over others in the group which gives them more access to the environment(space & food) and the females.

How can a place in a hierarchy be established ?
A place in the hierarchy can be given by

Tiki's place in the hierarchy came from his mum Georgia, she's an average ranking female in part of the higher ranking matriline.. 

Who is in a hierarchy (eg alpha)
In general the order starts from the Alpha to Beta..

How is a hierarchy maintained - agonistic behavior definition & example

Benefits of a hierarchy (use last slide & notes) 
They reduce the amount of actual, full-blown aggression where individuals could be injured or killed because they already know their place in the hierarchy.

Cooperative groups can hunt together or gather resources more effectively.

Reduced competition because individuals know when they are allowed access to mates or resources such as 
kills to eat.

Non-breeding individuals can help raise the offspring of others (kin-selection).

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