Monday, 14 March 2016

My Critter's Taxis

A Devangil begins to fly more faster as the humidity begins to increase. Name the orientation response occurring and describe the adaptive advantage for the Devangil. Identify the environmental cue causing the response.


  1. Uhh fly faster? lol

    Environmental Cue: temperature
    Orientation: I don't know, cause there's no direction. lol.. this orthokinesis :).

    Ortho: Speed

    1. Ah, Jordan has been tricky here and is talking about flying faster as humidity increases. What is the adaptive advantage to flying faster as humidity increases - what is the Devangil's optimum humidity level? Why would that level of humidity help it to survive?

  2. Hi Jordan. LOVE your Devangil drawing! :) Your Critter's response seems different to everyone elses. Yours is in response to humidity. Is it still a taxis?

  3. Flying faster as humidity increases could be a way to get to drier conditions if Devangil doesn't turn. Very tricky. It reminds me of woodslaters that turn more frequently when humidity increases so they increase their chances of staying where it is humid... but I don't know about Devangil. I hope you give us an answer.

  4. Hi Jordan. Thanks for having me in your class today. I enjoyed hearing everyone's questions, and learning more about phototropism from you all. I'm looking forward to seeing your animation - make sure you blog about it! Have an excellent level 3 year.